Aarón Vargas Seín

    In 1921, in a small, modest house in the Albonito district of Hatillo, Puerto Rico, there lived the Vargas Seín family. Don Pedro Vargas was a humble farmer who was very honest and had a stern nature and great human qualities. He was hard-working, firm and unyielding, but also friendly, sensitive to spiritual matters, and a keeper of the Law of God. Concepción Seín was a virtuous, humble, gentle, God-fearing woman, calm in nature and gaze. She was a woman of prayer and sacrifice. When she suffered the effects of a difficult pregnancy and feared the loss of the child she was carrying, she asked God to grant her a good delivery and a healthy child, promising that she would dedicate him entirely to the service of the Lord.

    Her only son was born, healthy and robust, in the early hours of October 23, 1921. She named him Teófilo, which means "Loved by God". Teófilo grew up with the divine blessing and grace, and with the stern and firm guidance of two parents who were zealous of doing good. Teófilo's home was humble, but full of honor and great spiritual and moral values.

    He was a dedicated child and a hard-working son who always helped his parents. At the Pentecostal church the family attended, Teófilo participated enthusiastically in biblical debates and interpreted the texts with spiritual virtue. He always excelled and, since he had tireless desire to learn, he sought out the elders of the church to advance his abilities, wisdom and experience. When Teófilo was 10 years old, his family moved to Arecibo, where he studied the Bible and yearned to further his spiritual gifts and study the Bible.

    Teófilo came from a family with scant economic resources. He liked commerce and sold everything he could buy or was given to sell, in order to help his parents. His father was a sugar-cane cutter and often when he went to work in the early hours of the morning, Teófilo would take him breakfast in the fields. In the afternoons, he worked with his father in the family's corn field, where he was assigned chores since his early years. As a child, he was an exemplary student; he loved his teachers and his teachers admired him. His conduct was blameless and he was punctual and responsible.

    One day, some years later, while walking through Arecibo, Teófilo saw two ladies, and one of them, Juanita García Peraza, caught his attention because of her honest bearing. It was God's will that his parents should attend the same church that she attended. When Teófilo heard her speak, his soul vibrated, and even though he was only a child at the time, he understood that the awaited Christ was the one he heard through her. He felt an inexplicable bond to her and followed her everywhere she went.

    During a visit Juanita made to Don Pedro and Doña Concepción, she said to Zion: "In your prayers you offered me your son and I have come to find what you promised me." Zion and Pedro realized they were indebted to God and from there on, Teíto, as he was affectionately called, without abandoning his love for his parents, dedicated his life to the Lord's service.

    Teíto was in the habit of visiting sister Juanita García Peraza. During one of his visits, as he watched her pray, he knelt silently in a corner of the living-room so as not to interrupt her. Suddenly, the Lord's Holy Spirit entered Juanita took her out and, through her, searched for the ointment (which the Holy Spirit has always used to anoint His chosen instruments). The Lord's Holy Spirit addressed Teíto and, through sister Juanita, anointed him to the Lord's Ministry. Teíto's soul filled with joy. Later, the Lord's Holy Spirit changed Teíto's name to Aarón. Shortly thereafter, Aarón and his parents were part of the group of eleven who left the Pentecostal Church with the person of Mita. Despite the Minister's call for him not to follow Mita, because he realized that Aarón had great spiritual potential within the Pentecostal movement, Aarón categorically refused to stay, because he understood that he had to heed the Lord's call before that of another man.

    Aarón began his Ministry at a very young age. He preached for the first time in Camuy, where he was sent by Mita. He officiated 7 days a week and the parishioners always followed him with great love. He was dynamic, vigorous and courageous. He feared nothing. His knowledge and virtue grew with the growth and expansion of the Work. The reward was great; Mita asked Aarón to share with him the Pastoral House, the headquarters of the Congregation. Aarón was entrusted with the administration of the Church's assets. Because of his great moral and spiritual values, Aarón was appointed to the Ministry of Law and he accompanied Mita everywhere. He was the Senior Guard, the first preacher, the lead percussionist of the Band, and the head Administrator, builder and farmer.

    Mita sowed in Aarón the seeds of all those qualities that a prophet must possess: integrity, firmness of character, disposition to sacrifice, courage to face trials, wisdom and divine discernment, temperance, benigness, kindness, charity and, above all, an immense love for souls. He learned every day; he had Mita to follow as an example.

    Having been chosen before birth and having been anointed to be a Minister of the Kingdom of God, when Juanita García Peraza passed away, the Lord entrusted his People to Aaron, saying: "Care for my children and I shall reward you".

    In 1970, when Juanita García Peraza passed away, Aaron courageously assumed the leadership of the Mita People. Under his leadership, there has been a great expansion of Mita's Work in Puerto Rico, the United States, the Dominican Republic, Canada, Curaçao, Colombia, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador and Mexico. He has used all his energy and courage to the praise-worthy effort of taking this proclamation to far away lands. The Mita temples in Puerto Rico and abroad have been built under his leadership and supervision. He founded the Colegio Congregación Mita (Congregación Mita School), the El Paraíso Shelter and Institution, and the Office for Counseling and Social Assistance. He has faithfully fulfilled the prophesies of Mita, promoting the integral development of our People.