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  (under construction)

  203 Duarte Street, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico    The growth and expansion of the Work of Mita have made it necessary to build a new structure. The New Temple was designed by the firm of Montilla & Látimer. It seats 6,000 people and is able to accommodate a total of 10,000 persons inside (this is more than the total capacity of all of the halls of the Centro de Bellas Artes Luis A. Ferré). It is the most important structure of its type in Latin America.

The structure has a neoclassic style and a majestic appearance, as described by many people who have had the opportunity to see it.

Only a few steps away from the old Temple, the new Temple is located at Calle Duarte 203. The Temple includes the following facilities:

  • Air conditioning

  • Elevators to the fifth floor

  • Automatically reclinable cushioned seats for mobility and comfort

  • Ramps and bathroom facilities for handicapped persons

  • Modern acoustics, lighting and audiovisual facilities

  • Parking

  • Child care facilities during services

  • Emergency exits

  • A first aid station

  • Bathroom facilities on four of its five floors

  • Public telephones

All of these facilities are built on a 240' x 190' piece of land. This structure, which cannot be missed by pedestrians and motorists who travel throughout the area, took almost three years to build.

Several internal activities were carried out to obtain the necessary funds. The Arts and Craft Fairs were among the most important of these activities. The construction of this marvelous Work was possible without requesting anything from anyone, without asking for money on the streets, without taking out any loans and without placing a burden on the pockets of the members of the congregation.

Aaron, the spiritual leader of the Church, said that the same God who guides the Church day after day and makes possible its growth and expansion, has given us this new Temple where we share the Lord's communion.

Before, many of the parishioners who attended the Church, especially on Saturday's, had to remain in the carports, the doorways, the plaza which houses the Mausoleum next to the Temple, and even on Duarte Street. They did this to hear the Lord's word, even if they were unable to get into the Temple. "Now, the same God who made it possible to build a huge Arc to unite the souls of those who would be saved in Noah's time, made it possible to build this Temple," said Aaron. As in Noah's times, this structure serves the same purpose: to harbor in its interior the souls of salvation. Many Church members participated in the construction, which was overseen by the Master Builder, Ismael Díaz. The architect, Federico Montilla, and his associate, Russell E. Látimer, were in charge of the design and supervision of this project.

The great importance of this work that must be emphasized is that it is a Temple, a Church, and an important part of our Puerto Rican culture; it is a work for all time. The impression it makes is extremely important, since it is a monument to the Holy Spirit which was inaugurated on the 50th Anniversary of the Mita Church." These were the words spoken with great satisfaction by the architect, Federico Montilla, who, together with his work group, was in charge of the design and supervision of the construction of the new Temple of Congregación Mita.

Architect Montilla said, "Our greatest challenge, as any professional, was to produce the best work possible, since we had a historic commitment with Aaron, a man who will go down in history, and a challenge with the members of the Mita Church. The project had to be well-thought out, since the people of Puerto Rico will not only have the opportunity to see it from the outside but will also see and enjoy it from the inside. For this reason, we gave great importance to the internal structure, emphasizing on the parishioners and persons who will visit the Temple."