Mita, Juanita García Peraza

  Juanita García Peraza was born on June 24, 1897, in Hatillo, Puerto Rico. She came from a distinguished, upper class family. As a child, she displayed great abilities and was known out for her qualities: her moral and spiritual values, her love for the poor, her sensitivity for the pain of others, her courage, her integrity, and her unselfish attitude. She had everything and was surrounded by wealth, but in her heart she always bore the mission of helping others.

  In the late 1930's, when Puerto Rico was undergoing a grave crisis, Juanita became ill and was bed-ridden for a long time with gastroenteritis. After promising the Lord that if He healed her, she would serve Him for the rest of her days, she was healed through prayer.

  She began a new stage in her life. The Lord's Spirit said to her: "My servant, lend me your body, I need you to do great work. Those who hear you, hear me; those who join you, join me." The Lord's Spirit spoke through her, manifested itself with great power, and reprehended sin while loving the sinner. Her word was energetic and its attitude courageous. Those who lacked faith, charity and spiritual vision, were not able to value the greatness of God that lay within her nor were they able to understand the Lord's great plan to unify the Churches, because unity is derived from love and without the love of God there can be no unity. Since many were unable to accept the divine will, Juanita confronted many painful situations: she was anguished and humiliated, since she was a woman, she was silenced. But she was always so humble and so unassuming that she trusting in the Lord's Spirit.

     One day, when her anguish was great, Juanita cried out to God, and while she prayed and wept in her room, she saw a star descend in a circular motion. She wondered where the star would land, but the star struck her forehead: it was the light of the Holy Spirit, confirming her Ministry.

  Throughout history, women have been discriminated by men, but not by God. Women are overcoming the prototypes created by men; they have aspired and risen to positions previously forbidden to them.

  God chose Juanita García Peraza as His Instrument and Prophet, and ordered her to build a great work of redemption, to accomplish the third and final manifestation of the Lord's Holy Spirit. She obeyed the Lord's call, abandoned her social position and fortune, and set off for the fields and villages to preach the good news. She visited the poor and the needy. She shared their food, slept in very humble places, and spread the promising news full of divine virtue that comforted their souls and transformed their lives. Despite being assailed, slandered, stalked, and misinterpreted, she was never dissuaded. She pushed ahead courageously resisting the attacks and leaving behind a nation with a solid foundation.

  In 1940, in Arecibo, she founded the Congregación Mita with a triple message of love, freedom, and unity. In 1947, the Church was established in the capital city of San Juan, in the Hato Rey sector. It was from here that the Church began to develop and spread its message. In addition to its great spiritual work, the Church carries out an extraordinary social program in the community. Juanita preached in the best way possible: with her example. She led a righteous life, consecrated and dedicated to the service of the Lord and to humanity. She was able to organize her community. She developed credit unions and corporations that provide employment opportunities and great benefits and economic improvement to the members of Congregación Mita. She established Bible schools, known as the Consejero, to instruct, counsel and guide children in their integral development. She founded music academies which benefit children and adolescents by encouraging their development in the Arts. As a composer, she developed the theme of love of God. Among her many compositions iwe emphasize: La Marcha Triunfal, Bienvenidos, El Candelero, La Visión, Los Justos, Paz Lleva Mita, and Si has Obrado como Creyente, among others.

  She established a Body of Guards who watch over the property of the Congregation and the community in general. This Body develops and promotes a feeling of belonging, of responsibility and moral and spiritual values among its member, which are indispensable in citizens of good worth.

  Juanita García Peraza established the Body of Preachers and Deacons who perform good and extraordinary social work wherever the message of Congregación Mita is spread. She wished and prophesized the creation of a Shelter for the elderly members of the Church and a School for the children and adolescents of the Community, which became a reality a few years after she passed away. She performed great missionary work, visiting the sick in villages and towns and praying for them, offering help to the needy, and doing good in abundance. She took words of encouragement, consolation and love to the prisons and hospitals. She was always ready to exhort and advise with wisdom and to give a timely admonition, but always with the patience and temperance that characterized her. It was to be expected that her ministerial work should have a strong influence in the social field and in the persona improvement of many human beings and entire families on our Island. Many alcoholics, drug addicts and antisocial individuals were rescued from these terrible evils and are now useful, responsible men and women. Her constant dissertations of great human content achieved the divine purpose of transforming all those who heard and accepted her message. She provided assistance and fortitude to the less fortunate and to the poor of spirit and with sick souls. Her counsel brought wise and responsible action to families and their children, bringing happiness to many households and marriages on the verge of destruction.

  Her doctrine was so successful that it trespassed the boundaries of our land to foreign countries. Congregación Mita was established in the United States (Washington, Chicago and New York), and in the Dominican Republic (Santo Domingo and Santiago de los Caballeros).

  We emphasize the fact that Juanita García Peraza gave women the opportunity to express themselves openly, by allowing them ample participation in the Church. She initiated a new era for women. At a time when women were not allowed to officiate in the Church, Juanita removed the barriers and opened the way for the diffusion of the Ministry of the Lord's Holy Spirit on earth, thus confirming the words of the Prophet: " When its boughs are dry, they will break and women will come and make a fire of them." Just as Deborah rose as a mother in Israel, the person of Mita rose as a spiritual mother to unite a nation for salvation.Having performed an extraordinary work, on February 21, 1970, this wonderful lady was called by God to eternal rest. She is crowned in eternity and glory. The work of her hands prevails, as testimony of her indefatigable battle and unconditional love, in the hearts of those of us who knew her. It was through her that the Lord's Holy Spirit found the strength, love and humility to carry out Its third and final manifestation on earth.

  Eight years later, in 1978, the Universidad Hispano Americana recognized the worthy task carried out by Juanita García Peraza for the good of humanity, and awarded her the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in Management Honoris Causae.

  Today, her Work is continued on a solid and permanent foundation by her spiritual son AARÓN, whom she anointed as a child by order of the Lord's Holy Spirit.