In Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, and the Americas, Congregación Mita is known forr its musical groups.

      The Mita Band of Puerto Rico, The Mita Band of Puerto Rico was established in 1956 and is comprised of 150 musicians, most of whom are youths. Congregación Mita offers free music lessons for those brothers and sisters who are interested in music.   

The Band has performed outstandingly in government, civic, cultural, and social activities, both at home and abroad. It has represented Puerto Rico in the Puerto Rican Parade in New York City, at the World Exhibition in Seville, Spain, and in those countries where the Work has arrived.

In 1988, the Band won the Presidential Award for its musical quality and gala uniform during the Festivities to Commemorate the Discovery of America and Puerto Rico. At present, the band is the largest in Puerto Rico and enjoys great prestige. Other bands have been established outside the island. Aaron, who is deeply interested in the affairs of youth and the development of the arts, constantly sends music teachers and musical instruments to establish bands in those countries where the Work has arrived. Currently, we have one band in New York and Connecticut, two bands in the Dominican Republic, two bands in Mexico, eight bands in Colombia, two bands in Venezuela and one band in Costa Rica.

    The Congregación Mita Musical Academy. The children and youngsters who wish to become part of the Band enter the Academy to acquire basic musical training taught by professionals. These lessons are completely free and are taught by the music teachers during their free time. At present, the Academy has 75 students.

    Harp Group. The Group was established in 1986 and has 35 members. It is the only harp group in Puerto Rico. Its Director is the distinguished Puerto Rican artisan Neftalí Rodríguez, who has the recognition of the Instituto de Cultura. He manufactures the harps and provides free lessons for all persons who are interested in joining the Group. The Group enjoys great prestige in Puerto Rico and has participated in a wide variety of government, civic, social and cultural activities. Our Harp Group is constantly the object of praise and receives hundreds of invitations to participate in different events.

It should be pointed out that our harp groups receive no financial remuneration for their participation in these activities.

  The String Ensemble. Was established in 1950 and currently has 75 members. Its instruments are guitars, "cuatros" (small four-stringed guitars), small guitars, violins, stringed bass instruments and percussion instruments. This musical group has participated in a variety of activities. It director is Javier Concepción.

  The Congregación Mita Choir

The Choir was established in 1989. It has 35 members who sing at Congregación Mita's religious services, held every Saturday at our temple at Calle Duarte 203, Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. The choir is directed by José Flores.