Social Work of The Church Congregation Mita, Inc.

By: Aaron, spiritual leader of Congregation Mita

The Mita Congregation, Inc. has always been known for the great Spiritual, Social and Economic Work it has done within the community mainly in the area of Hato Rey, Puerto Rico, where it is headquartered as well as in other island towns and countries where it has established community work, such as: United States, Dominican Republic, Colombia, Mexico, Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Canada, Ecuador and Spain.

   From the beginning, in 1940, the Church has encouraged the human development through spiritual and personal improvement, transforming their lives. It has made productive citizens abiding of the Divine Law and the laws established in society for being good neighbors, responsible and honest employees, and has promoted family unity.

    Aside from the Spiritual Work that the Congregation Leadership performs, they are also dedicated to bringing the message of salvation and supervising the congregations on and off the island, extending our efforts further. Several institutions and organizations have been created as part of the Church’s social work that offer support to our members and others that do not belong to the Church, these are: Congregation Mita School, Égida e Institución El Paraíso, Office for Counseling and Social Assistance, and Los Hermanos Memorial Park Cemetery..

Congregation Mita School

   The Congregation Mita School was founded in 1981 and is accredited by the General Board of Education of Puerto Rico, the Accrediting Commission of Educational Institutions and the Middle States Association. Provides child care services, academic instruction from pre-kindergarten through high school and offers a business education program. The Congregation Mita School has organized various clubs for the purpose of developing leadership and students interest in different disciplines, such as: Club Live, English Club, Gamoné Math Club, Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society Chapter Borincano, Local Honor Society, School Patrol Club, Super Science Kids Club, Young Scientists Club, Talented Kids Club, Journalism Club, Harps Club, Artiniños Club, Student Council , and band music. Furthermore, there are Parent Teacher Assembly, Student Assembly, Volleyball and Basketball Tournaments, Male and Female, Initiation of the National Honor Society, Puerto Rican Culture Week, Thanksgiving Activity, Turkey Marathon, Christmas Activity, Music Magazines (with different topics), Science Week, Scientific Research Conference, Open House, Language Week, Women's Week, Family Week, Geography Skills Week, Library Week, Game Day for the students of the Congregation Mita School, English Week, Earth Week, Professions and Occupations Week, Secretaries Day, Executive Day, Education Week, Achievement Awards Night, Student’s Day, Teacher’s Day, Graduate’s Dinner, Kindergarten Graduation, Eighth Grade Graduation, Twelfth Grade Graduation. In our school, the teaching of values is of primary importance and its staff is properly prepared and certified, with high scale of values, fundamental quality to convey moral and spiritual principles necessary in our everyday lives and in our society.

Our outstanding academic quality has enabled several of our students to excel at local and national level in various disciplines. For example, for two consecutive years, our students have won awards and represented Puerto Rico internationally at the Science Fair and Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) competitions. It is important to note that sixty percent (60%) of students who graduate from our high school are admitted to the University of Puerto Rico, the primary higher education system of our country.

Egida e Institución El Paraíso

The Égida e Institución El Paraíso was founded in 1985 under the laws established by the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico. As a not-for-profit institution, emerges due to the great need to provide specialized services to older people without homecare. The area of the nursing home houses people over 60 years of age or older who can fend for themselves. The institution offers more specialized services and care for seniors who, due to their physical and/or emotional condition, are unable to care for themselves.

The institution is licensed and supervised by the Puerto Rico Department of the Family and provides the following services:.

        • Nutrition and Dietry Services

        • Medical Attention

        • Nursing Services (24 hours)

        • Laundry Services

        • Ambulance and Escort Services

        • Social Services

        • Recreation Services

The institution has volunteer groups, trained in Congregation Mita's concept of an improved material, mental and spiritual life, whose purpose is to help our senior citizen population. Among the activities carried out at the Institution are: Thanksgiving Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas Activities, Valentine’s Day, Games for senior citizens, visits to historical and recreational sites, religious services, various educational lectures on topics of interest for this population, craft courses, guidance on Medicare benefits, positive motivational workshop, podiatry clinic, guidance on personal hygiene, aerobics, birthday celebrations, memory stimulation techniques, music therapy and all activities based on real needs that presented to our older population.

Officer or Counseling and Social Work

  The Office for Counseling and Social Work of the Mita Congregation, established in 1985, has been providing direct social services to the general community (children, adolescents, adults, and the elderly through work case. Our office arises from the need for the integral individual development of our people, since it is our understanding that human beings are biological, psychological, social and spiritual entities.

  The Office for Counseling and Social Work of the Mita Congregation, Inc. is an institution that provides free social work services to individuals, families, community groups. Our role is to assess and weigh the various situations that are presented to us by our participants, in order to refer the case, if warranted, to the appropriate agencies. Professional services are offered by licensed Social Workers, at no charge. Furthermore, we rely on collaboration of volunteers and a multidisciplinary team that provides consulting and advisory services in different areas. To expand our services, we coordinate services required by our participants with public and private agencies, so that their situations can receive specialized care according to their identified needs. Among the services provided by the Office include:

        1.- Identificación de necesidades individuales, grupales, sociales y comunales

        2.- Evaluación social

        3.- Consejería Individual, Grupal y/o Familiar

        4.- Orientación sobre:

        • Seguro Social y Medicare

        • Relaciones de Familia

        • Relaciones Matrimoniales

        • Relaciones Paterno-filiales

        • Violencia Doméstica (Maltrato a Menores, Ancianos y Conyugal)

        • Disciplina

        • Relaciones Obrero-patronales

        • Relación con Agencias Gubernamentales

        • Adicción a Drogas

        • Alcoholismo

        • Oportunidades de Empleo

        • Problemas se Salud Física y/o Mental

        • Vivienda

        5.- Coordinación de diferentes actividades en el área de salud, actividades cívicas, culturales, recreativas, entre otras, de acuerdo a las necesidades detectadas en la Comunidad.

        6.- Investigaciones científicas dirigidas a identificar y detectar las problemáticas sociales que afectan a nuestra Comunidad.

        7.- Servicios de asesoría en aspectos sociales a la Asociación Ciudadanos de las Barriadas Israel, Bitumul, al Colegio Congregación Mita, a la Egida e Institución El Paraíso, entre otros.

        8.- En caso de desastres naturales, la Oficina de Orientación se constituye en un Centro de Operaciones de Emergencias Médicas, incluyendo Técnicos, enfermeras y doctores.

        9.-  Servicio de información educativa sobre problemas sociales para el público en general.

        10.- Recopilación y publicación de información histórica de la Congregación Mita.

        11.- Clínicas de vacunación para niños, que se llevan a cabo en coordinación con el Departamento de Salud de la Capital.

        12.- Feria de Artesanías y Piezas de Molde.

    Gran cantidad de voluntarios laboran afanosamente en grupos de trabajos en todas las áreas para cumplir con las necesidades de la Comunidad. Es importante resaltar que la Oficina de Orientación NO cobra por ninguno de los servicios que ofrece a la Comunidad. La Congregación Mita sufraga todos los gastos de la Oficina.

Los Hermanos Memorial Park, Inc.

 Los Hermanos Memorial Park Cemetery, Inc. is a nonprofit institution. The purpose of the creation of the cemetery is to offer parishioners the opportunity to bury their deceased relatives under the precepts, canons and dogmas of the Congregation Mita. This cemetery has available four (4) sections of niche spaces for a coffin or four ossuaries, spaces ossuaries, burial ground, parking and a chapel that has a capacity of accommodation for two hundred (200) persons.

Volunteer Safety Corps

 More than three hundred brothers form part of the Volunteer Safety Corps. They are organized in a hierarchy of ranks and wear uniforms, being trained to patrol and maintain order. They do not bear arms because their function is to keep the peace. They have their own stations and a patrol car which is used at night to supervise the watch posts, located in the district where the Church has its facilities.

This system was established when the Church began in Puerto Rico and has been extended to those countries where the Congregation has been established.

Children's Counselors (Bible School)

 For the benefit of the children and so that they receive spiritual guidance, tips on good behavior and insights on social and civic responsibilities, was created by the person known Mita in 1956, which is referred to as the Counselor . Counselor teachers are faithful brethren, in good standing, with extensive knowledge of the Bible and the doctrine of our Church. They are the example of love, patience and insights on educational aspects. Its function is to provide advice and guidance to children between the ages of four to eleven years on good behavior and notions of law, doctrine, study of God's word (Old and New Testament) and spiritual responsibilities, social and civic both at home and in the church and in society in general.

Counselor meetings are held on Saturday mornings and attended by hundreds of children. For years we have observed that people that benefit from the meetings become exemplary citizens at home, in church, in schools and / or universities in their community and are professionals.


  The Church performs extraordinary work with young people. The Youth of the Mita Congregation amount to thousands of young men and women. The services are held on Tuesday nights and are full of youth participation. They meet regularly exhorting their spiritual, social and moral improvement. At these meetings we discuss spiritual and social issues. Furthermore, there are sports and recreational activities in order to cultivate a healthy living. Also encouraged among our youth is art in all its facets. Our young people prepare concerts, recitals, biblical exhibitions, among others events, which helps keep them unified and industrious in positive aspects.